Strategic Reports

Procent Reports

  • S. Gorniak, D. Ikonomou, P. Saragiotis, I. Askoxylakis, P. Belimpasakis, B. Bencsath, M. Broda, L. Buttyan, G. Clemo, P. Kijewski, A. Merle, K. Mitrokotsa, A. Munro, O. Popov, C. Probst, L. Romano, C. Siaterlis, V. Siris, I. Verbauwhede, C. Vishik, "Priorities for Research on Current and Emerging Network Trends", European Network and Information Secutiry Agency (ENISA), April 2010.

General Articles

  • V. Angelakis, V. A. Siris, and A. Traganitis, “Management of Future Mesh-based Radio Access Networks”, ERCIM Newsletter, Issue 77, Special theme: Future Internet Technology, pp 55-56, April 2009.

  • Vasilios Siris, Ioannis G. Askoxylakis, Marco Conti and Raffaele Bruno, "Enhanced, Ubiquitous and Dependable Broadband Access using MESH Networks". ERCIM Newsletter, Issue 73, pp 50-51, April 2008.


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